Vintage Prints For My Manly House

September 6, 2011 in Fashion, Vintage Inspired

After the bloke sent me this yesterday (apparently it reminds him of me). I decided I really wanted to line my walls with some vintage prints.  Luke has very much been the ‘interior designer’ in our house, he hasn’t really given me any choice.  Things are about to change. Do you hear me boooiii.

At the moment my house really does look like a ‘man’s house’ colours consist of dark browns, beige s, African masks, bongo drums and huge TV’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I love these features, I just want to bring some of my personality to this house (apart from the piles of clothes all over the floors up stairs).

He will probably regret giving me this inspiration as I have found myself emerged in hunting for gorgeous prints, that I can look at on a day-to-day basis and give some life to this dull manly house.

I am watching a couple or original 50s prints on eBay, but when looking at this re-print site.  I have found myself drawn to 1920′s French fashion magazine prints or posters.   I think it is because I am obsessed with the 1920′s, I spend time procrastinating on the internet searching  for flapper dresses just to look at.  Although I speak very bad French and I do mean very bad, I think the language is gorgeous, both spoken and written down.

Now what ones to pick…

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