Goodbye to 2011

December 31, 2011 in Fashion, My Outfit Posts

memoir mode 2011 photos

If anyone has been wondering about my lack of posts, I have been taking a little holiday break.  Also I have so many clothes and outfits to show you I have a bit of a backlog.  I like half decent photos and the weather has been so dreary and just generally miserable, I am finding it hard to take the photo.  Also due to giant tree’s blocking any bit of sunshine coming into my house and the constant darkness, indoor photo’s are a bit pants as well. I am eagerly awaiting a sunny day (doesn’t have to be warm) so I can do an outfit photo taking binge.

So here I say goodbye to my first year of blogging and a selection of my outfit photo’s above.  Memoir Mode is not quite a year old (February) so I wasn’t sure whether to do a round up until then, but it makes sense for 2011 photos.  I will think of something special to post for her first birthday (yes I talk about my blog, like she is alive). Its funny looking back and I realise I am quite the poser.  I feel uncomfortable just standing there and the Thespian in me wants to  become the character.

My new years resolutions are to:

1. Eradicate procrastination from my life
2. Take half a day to myself each week and go off and take photos of everything and anything.
3. Use my sewing machine
4. Start running to tone up my butt and legs

Happy new year xxx

P.S 5. Tone down my language, I got a message from an angry individual calling me a foul-mouth, children could be reading etc etc.  I never said my blog targeted children.  I suppose I should think about my language, but it helps express a sentence sometimes and if Stephen Fry is allowed to swear, why can’t I? haha

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