New York Photo Diary

February 20, 2012 in Places, Travel

Last week Luke and I went on a 5 day trip to New York, it was the first time we had both been, but thankfully we have friends that live there who gave us a a little tour. what I wore in New York memoir modewhat I wore in New YorkNew York photo diarystaten island ferry viewtop of the rock at nightrockafella centerwhat I wore in New York 2central parkheart shaped branches central parkNew York photo diary 2what i wore in the waldorf astoriawhat i wore in the waldorf astoriapark avenue new yorknew york buildingsnew york buildingswhat I wore in New Yorknew york buildingsbarbie football table

Last week Luke and I went on a 5 day trip to New York, it was the first time we had both been, but thankfully we have friends that live there who gave us a a little tour.  I did go during NYFW, but I didn’t go to do anything fashion related, just a holiday.

On the first day we arrived at 12pm midday New York time, I passed out asleep in our hotel (I cannot function without sleep). We stayed in the Waldorf Astoria which is very nice, but very old fashioned, not for the contemporary lovers.  Then we went out to a bar/grill for din dins.

The second day was basically a sight seeing day.  We caught the Staten island ferry – which is free – to see the Statue of Liberty and came straight back again.  We went to Wall street and walked passed Ground Zero, which is now some humongous new buildings,  It felt so chilling being in the area.  Then my camera broke and I was very annoyed and upset and spend the next few hours crying and then we got drunk in a bar.  We was completely hammered by the evening and ended up drinking in the Waldorf bar.  Not sure the staff were very impressed, British binge drinking is seen as an alcohol problem in the US, but I didn’t care I was childfree and carefree.

The morning of the third day arrived and I vowed never to drink again and slept most of the day while Luke headed off to met our friends in New Jersey for brunch.   I dosed myself up on painkillers and we got ready in the evening to go to the top of the Rock and we went out for a meal at a very expensive but lovely meal.  The waiter was very passionate about his job and I felt so fantastic and clever about my order.

Our friends kindly let me borrow their camera on the forth day (surprised they trusted me) so I could take some photo’s, but I was still upset about my camera so wasn’t really in a photographic mood.  We walked around Central Park, and then in the evening went to grab some pizza and went to the movies.

The last day we met our friend for lunch to drop off their Camera and spent the remainder of our day wondering around and a quick stop in fao schwarz to get Eva a present.  You could really spend hours in there though.  I loved the Barbie football table, but with only 10 in existence and costing $25,000, not sure I am going to get one any time soon.

All in all I quite liked New York, I am sure we will go back again. Next time we wont do any of the touristy stuff though and see the real New York.  Also visit in warmer weather, the wind piecing through the buildings is just body numbing.

Also I got my camera replaced (big smiles)

Outfit info: I wore my Motel Rocks coat from last year everyday.  I have only just started wearing it.  I wore my new block heeled ankle boots from Dorothy Perkins (love these boots). The long navy dress with lace detail is the Gracie from Jarlo. Pink Jeans from Republic. Flaired Jeans from ASOS and white Aran Jumper from ASOS.


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