Monochrome Outfit

February 25, 2012 in My Outfit Posts

black and white outfit

(Monochrome cardigan from Republic)

This is part of the 5th blog post for Republic, head over there for more photos.  The basic gist of the post is with all the colour fads and trends out there, we forget that the most flattering shades are black and white.

I do love a good old monochrome outfit, but you can run the risk of being asked the bill if you are out in a restaurant so accessories are key here.  I love the retro look of the cardigan I picked from Republic above, so I went with a lady like approach.  In fact the cardigan looks very Chanel don’t you think?

I finished off the look with retro hair and make-up, a broach for the top of the blouse and two sets of costume pearls doubled up.


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