The Making of Harry Potter – Studio Tour

May 10, 2012 in Photography, Places

I will let you into a little secret of mine… I am a huge Harry Potter fan geek.  After humming the theme tune to myself for the entire bank holiday weekend, Tuesday came along and we made our way over to Warner Brothers Leavesden for the Harry Potter studio tour.

harry-potter-tour-culdron cinemagraph
harry potter tour the great hallharry potter tour the great hall wallsharry potter tour the great hall memoir modeharry potter tour the great hall dumbledoreThe great hall started the tour, it included costumes for the teachers. harry potter tour the yule ball propsProps for the Yule Ballharry potter potions class propsProps for potions classdumbledore's office setdumbledore's office desk setdumbledore's office propsdumbledore's memory cabinetThe Dumbledore office setdolores umbridge office setdolores umbridge office deskdolores umbridge costumesDolores Umbridge office set and costumesdiagon alley harry potterShop front on Diagon Alleyharry potter gryffindor boys dormintoryharry potter gryffindor common roomGryffindor boys dormitory and common room setweasley house the burrow setharry-potter-tour-chopping-board-cinemagraphweasley house the burrowThe Weasley’s family home (The Burrow set) harry potter leaky cauldron setthe leaky cauldron setharry potter privet driveharry potter room under the stairs set Exterior for the Privet Drive set and the set for Harrys room under the stairs the potter cottage setOutside of the spooky Potter cottageharry potter the knight busMe posing with the three story Knight Busministry of magic muggle statueMinistry of Magic muggle statueharry potter sweets every flavour beansharry potter sweets propsthe making of harry potter masksthe making of harry potter goblin maskthe making of harry potter dobby modelMasks used for the films including the Goblin mask. There was also life sized models of the actors and a little dobby model the actors used to work withharry potter studio tour clock doorharry potter studio tour hogwarts model 2harry potter studio tour hogwarts model 3harry potter studio tour hogwarts model 4harry potter studio tour hogwarts model 5harry potter studio tour hogwarts modelThe end of the tour featured the Hogwarts model, which was actually quite large.

Did you spot the cinemagraphs? They are not brilliant, you really do need a tripod to get the steady filming.  When I spotted the moving objects I really wanted wanted to at least try and get a few moving photo’s for you.

This is probably the largest post I have published and I have not even shown you a quarter of what was on display.  We was informed to allow 3 hours for your visit, but I could of spent a lot longer there.  We didn’t stop to look at anything too long as the 2 year old was getting quite restless.  I would love to go back again at some point and look at the sets and props in more detail.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is an absolute must for Harry Potter fans and if you are just a movie buff  this would also be fascinating experience.  The detail that went into making the films is incredible, from the sets to the props to the costumes.  I didn’t realise how much was physically made rather than just a green screen and special effects.  The highlight for me was walking into the Great hall and strolling down Diagon Alley.

One criticism I do have is that there was far too many people at the experience.  This is a moan I have about most things, it was also my criticism of Lapland UK.  It does kind of put a downer on things when you are being pushed from side to side when you want to take a look at something.  Also it would have been nice to have a photo in the great hall without a crowd of people.  I would have paid double the price for half of a crowd.



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