Eva and Brennah take Claire’s Accessories

December 9, 2013 in Kid stuff, kids fashion


Imagine being 4 & 7, taken into Claire’s Accessories, asked to grab a basket and pick whatever you liked! As you can guess there was two very excited little girls. Lucky Eva was very kindly asked by Claire’s, if she would like a little Xmas shopping trip with a friend. They each had £40 vouchers to spend in the Kingston branch Sunday morning.


Brennah wanted a pair of clear lens glasses to be like her Mummy. Of course Eva wanted a pair too. Brennah’s choice of frame was slimline and rectangular, Eva’s went for geek chic.


Brennah posing beautifully with a 60s-esque hat.


Eva doing her best gurner concentration face.


There are lot’s of Christmasy things in store, I was trying to talk Eva into picking the turkey hat. We had a turkey Xmas hat that Eva kept making me wear about 2 years ago…all through the year. Seems she has forgotten all about it. Probably for the best.


Very happy and excited, they both insisted “it was the best time”.


It was a bit of a free for all in store, they were rushing around chucking stuff in their baskets. Math isn’t my strongest subject so I was hoping they would both be just over or under their £40 each limited. I think they both went about £15-20 over so they had to sort out what they wanted the most.

Eva had picked up random things like hairbrushes (she hates having her hair brushed). Also a fluffy diary – she has only just learnt how to write her name let alone a journal of her daily thoughts.


Massive thanks to Claire’s and their PR agency for inviting Eva for the shopping trip, they both had such a wonderful time.

Girls whatever age love receiving vouchers and having the choice of the store. It would be such a fabulous gift to any little girl – you can buy vouchers in store or online.

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