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Hertz Big Travel List

As I said before I wanted to include more travel and lifestyle on my blog. The perfect opportunity came up when Hertz got in touch and asked me to put together a post of my favourite home city places. I moved to a tiny village in-between London and Guildford a couple of years ago. Although it has some lovely hot-spots, not enough to fill an entire post. I decided to branch out to my firm favourite places in Surrey.

I thought I would go with a family friendly approach. To be perfectly honest all I tend to do without Eva is go to blog related events or go to the same places with my friends to get sloshed. All of my wanderlusting is done with Eva. Here are my top 8 places to visit in Surrey

silvermere weybridge

Silvermere Bistro in Weybridge

When we go out to eat one of the main places we pick is Silvermere. When we moved to the area and Luke started his job in Weybridge, being the golfing fan he is. He played a few times here and mentioned it had a lovely restaurant. The rest was history and now it is a firm favourite.

It has a beautiful views out to the lake and golf course and we have never been disappointed by the food. Although it is lovely to eat alfresco in the summer, it doesn’t stop us visiting in the winter.

bocketts farm leatherhead

Bocketts Farm Park near Leatherhead

Next on the list is Bocketts farm park near leatherhead. It’s only a 5 minute drive for us so we have been a few times. The tickets are a little pricey in my opinion for a farm visit. £9 for an adult and even more for a child – £9.60. That being said we do enjoy our time when we go. Because it so close sometimes I take Eva to the coffee room and sandpit which is open to the public.

Children can walk around and feed the animals. There is a pig race and pony riding. In the huge barn there is a play area with trampolines and gift shop. Outside there is the main sandpit, a jumping pillow and a playground.

We make a point of visiting during the Easter holidays when there are plenty of lambs, chicks and ducklings. They also have a Father Christmas experience on now. We took Eva last year and will be doing so again this year. Children are taken on an Elf tractor ride to a hay barn grotto where Father Christmas is waiting to take their requests.

boxhill lookout and vineyard

Boxhill Lookout and Vineyard

I grew up in West Sussex which is only next door to Surrey. I have been coming to Boxhill for as long as I can remember. One birthday we drove up and flew kites.

Boxhill was used as part of the route during the Olympics for the bike ride. It now proudly boasts a statue in the middle of one of the roundabouts. For a while after it was near impossible to drive up the winding roads due to the inspired bike enthusiasts.

You can hike up Boxhill (or be lazy like us and drive). Once up the top there are breathtaking lookout points. There is a branch of Smith and Western at the top of the hill – which is always fun to go to.

frensham ponds near farnham

Frensham Pond near Farnham

Frensham pond was a new discovery for me back in the summer – you can see more on my 3 girls and a dog post. Frensham pond is miles away from the sea and I was so fascinated with the little beach on the bank.

I can’t wait until summer comes around so we can visit again. Hopefully next time it won’t be raining.

guildford canal and the boatman

Guildford Canal & the Boatman

I really love Guildford (I want to move into Guildford in the near future). Guildford is as big as a city and has a cathedral, but I do believe it still has a town status.

It has an amazing town center, with plenty of shops. It has a castle ruin with pretty gardens. What I love most about Guildford is the canal. In the summer me and Eva like to have mummy/daughter days and walk down it.

We stop and watch the canal boats at the lock and feed the swans. You can also hire a rowing boat – which I have been too scared to do with Eva so far. Maybe next summer she will be old enough to sit there without falling out.

Then when we are at the bottom. We cross over the old fashioned bridge and visit the Boatman for a drink and some lunch. Such a pretty location.

mercedes benz world and brooklands

Brooklands and Mercedes benz world

Mercedes benz world is a fun and free visit. It is a showroom/mercedes benz history museam. You can look at at the racing track and there is even a little kids racing track with mini cars. Brooklands even has an unused track that has been set up for kids to race their bikes around on – also free.

Next door to mercedes benz world is the Brooklands Museum that isn’t free entry. We took a visit recently with Eva’s little cousin Emily. They climbed on old fashioned buses and aeroplanes. We also bought additional tickets for the Concorde tour.

painshill park cobham surrey

Painshill Park Cobham

I discovered Painshill park a couple of years ago when I was looking for follies near by to photograph. It is a lovely walk whatever the weather – just take your wellies. Talking about wellies, I used Painshill as a backdrop for my mother/daughter style – hunter boots post.

polesden lacey national trust

Polesden Lacey – National Trust

You may recognise these photos as they were posted a couple of weeks ago in my monsoon partywear post.

Socialite Mrs Greville picked Polesden Lacey to host her grand parties in Edwardian Britain. Guests even included King George VI and the Queen Mother.

The house is spectacular and even more so the views and gardens. As you can probably guess right now – I love a good view. I can remember being 14 sat in my Grandads car. He stopped the car at the side of the road, got out and said “Kylie come and look at this view”. Being the huffy 14 year old that I was, I couldn’t give the slightest toss. How times have changed.

*this post is in collaboration with Hertz. All the photos are mine accept the one Boatman photo – credit

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