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March 11, 2014 in Hair

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I have used ghd’s for 10 years now so I was pretty excited when I received an email to be part of a summer 2014 hair trends shoot. I got to catch-up with my blogger pal Tara from the Style Rawr and meet Hannah of Hannah Louise Fashion who were the other bloggers involved. We got to see the 4 trends on the models and then pick our own interpretations of them and have a little photo-shoot.

gold leaf hair ss14gold leaf on hair

The four ghd hair trends of SS14 were Freedom of Youth – think 90s with Spice Girl bunches and hair chalks, Hip-Hop with lots of twisted braids, Romance - peak-a-boo curls and loose side ponytails and The AntiStyle with Kate Moss and Cara delevingne as inspiration.

The hair stylist on this trend told me how she achieved the AntiStyle look. She would use the straighteners to work through kinks throughout the hair looking at the models face shape. Then she would apply lots of  hair spray and leave the model in a beanie for 30 minutes. The hair would then static and give a messy lift when the beanie was removed. Phew – quite a bit of work for that messy look! I actually attempted it for my outfit in my LFW highlights post. It was so cold that day and I quite liked the beanie so I left it on.

How pretty is the gold leaf bun? I definitely want to re-create this look, not sure where I would wear it though.

romantic hair for summer 201490s hair trend for ss14ss14 summer hair trendsbehind the scenes ghdghd model

I brought Eva along to the shoot and she thoroughly enjoyed herself and got lots of attention. One of the models sporting the Freedom of Youth trend practically babysat her for the whole time playing games on my iPad. Martin from Sticky Eyes PR was also another favourite of hers.

The talented Ryan Humpage - style director of Rush Epsom and Ghd style squad member was my hair stylist for the day. I decided I wanted a mix of romantic, which is kind of what my usual hair style is (not as good obviously) and mix it up with the freedom of youth trend with the purple hair chalk.

With champagne in my hands (before 12pm too!) he worked through lots of tight spirals that made me look like honey boo boo. Thankfully he didn’t leave it like that and brushed them all out. Then it got quite messy with the purple hair chalk which ended up everywhere! Ryan mixed up the purple with a bit of pink for an ombre effect.

ghd eclipsehair chalk dip dyeghd summer hair trends blogger shoot

Hannah looked stunning with a romantic style with her red locks.

tara the style rawr at ghd shootplait bun summer hair trends

Great minds think alike – me and Tara had similar ideas on what we wanted. Tara went for blue chalk which was only placed on the curl kinks, also a pretty little pink rose bun.

memoir mode ghdghd hair trends chalk

Then the finished result! What is missing is the purple hair chalk that ended up all over this white shirt. I hope it came out or there is one angry stylist out there right now.

I have always used my ghd stylers to just straighten my hair so its amazing to witness all the different things you can do them. It is easier to curl your hair with tongs, but it is actually better to use ghds. You are not keeping any one piece of hair on the heat for too long and the curl holds for longer.

Thank you to and Best British Bloggers for inviting me along!

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