Brilliance In Blogging Awards #BIB2014 – Photography Shortlist!

May 1, 2014 in Features, Photography

bib 2014 awards photography 2

I was looking at my blog stats yesterday and I noticed a few referrers from the BritMums website. Curious to see what I was doing on there, I clicked through and was shocked to find my blog shortlisted in the photography category of the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2014. I am never ever ever shortlisted in blog awards I was extremely flattered. Thank you to anyone that nominated me!

For those that have been reading for a while  have seen that I have struggled with what content I should share…should I be a parent blogger, should I be a fashion blogger. Always confused what category I should be placed in. The one thing that has been consistent is that I like taking a photo or two (or three, or millions). . I get photography jobs here and there, but my overall dream is to make a good living and to have my diary filled with photography gigs! So I am thrilled to be placed in this category.

There are 16 blogs in each category and only 6 from each will be in the finals. 4 made up from votes and 2 selected by BritMums. The winners will then be selected by an independent judge. I have linked my fellow nominees below and as you can see I have some stiff competition! If you like my blog and feel I deserve your vote please click though to the voting form here  - thank you!

A Party of Seven

Bod for Tea

Capture by Lucy

Circle of Pine Trees

East of Malaga

Lady Neils

Lavender and Lovage


POD Cast


Simply Ruby

Start Up Wife

Sorry About the Mess

The Boy and Me

The Intrepid Misadventurer

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