Loosing my head with a new fedora hat on it

April 12, 2012 in Fashion, My Outfit Posts

So yesterday I got ready, waited for my mother to arrive to pick up Eva, went to the station, got on the train and realised I was on my way to a place I was meant to be the next day.

belen echandia paris tote bagprinted t-shirt and blazerfedora hatPrinted Graphic Tee from We Walk*, Lilac skinny jeans from Republic, Boyfriend Blazer from ASOS, Fedora hat from River Island, Ankle Boots from Dorothy Perkins, Oversized tote from Belen Echandia* 

Eva is going through a very naughty stage at the moment.  She wont sleep properly and keeps waking up in the middle of the night and not going back to sleep (hence my absent mindedness). She is being difficult with her eating, unless it is biscuits or chocolate of course.  And I just caught her pouring her juice all over the TV stand.   If I warn her with the naughty corner, she goes and sits there herself, terrible 2s alright.  She is still my little princess though (I am too soft).

Not sure what look I am going for here, I have kind of a 70s/80s/rock/smart outfit.  I am not really a printed tee wearing gal, but I really like wearing them with blazers at the moment.  I like the contrast of casual and smart.

Also The hat is new, I saw it in River Island on sale for £10.